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Sweet Bloom is a home based floral design studio specializing in wedding and event blooms.  Using high quality blooms, we create unique designs that tell a love story, highlight the qualities of the bride and groom, and provide a natural accent to the celebration.   We strive to create floral designs that are timeless and inspired by garden blooms.

Designing in Calgary and beyond!

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Hi Everyone, 

Thanks for exploring Sweet Bloom. Sweet Bloom is a product of my love for all things blooming.  

Honestly, its a dream come true....

My love of flowers comes from admiring my father's garden as a child. I can vividly recall the vibrant colours of the tulips, violas, clematis and sweet smelling lilacs. Watching and working along side my father grew my passion for flowers.  This passion is strong today, if I'm not in the studio you can find me in the garden.  You can even find my garden blooms as accents in bridal bouquets... 

I just love that!!

As a florist, I believe in allowing the natural beauty of each distinct bloom to tell the story of the people being highlighted.  My style is influenced by the garden...fresh blooms showcased in a timeless, romantic and whimsical design.

As for me, I love being outdoors exploring, riding my mountain bike, skiing, strolling along paths and searching for babbling brooks...it's a thing! I love HOT coffee, chocolate, popcorn and I'm crazy for candy!! Outside of the studio, I cherish quality time with my family and friends.    

If Sweet Bloom feels like a fit for your celebration, I would love to meet and chat blooms!



~Photography by Grey Lily Photography

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